" Look! Someone is setting a evil curse to the castle!"

                                              Rita to Jesdaly

The Crystal Castle is a place where Rita, Princess Delta of Crystassio and Popis, the dog, live, along with the maids . The castle has been protected for years and centuries since the Golden War.


When the Gods and Goddesses of Crystassio created the world, one goddess named Merian created the Crystal Castle, a prize for the princess that will be created to rule the land, queen and king will be created later, to see how the princess will turn out, or to be left alone, as a great leader. The Crystal Castle was filled with treasures and valuble furniture, for the rulers, of course. The castle is made out of pure diamond crystal. The gods respected Merian as the goddess of creations and lands. She was very specific about the castle and the land. While the pass of the years, the castle was being destroyed and damaged, set curses on, too. But one day the goddess got very angry at this and changed the castle to it's normal form, and deleted the cursers and destroyers.


The inside of the castle is made out of crystal. The furniture is made out of soft crystal, which is really unusual to inhabitants of Crystassio. There is a stained window in the throne room that shows the goddess, Merian.