" Um, Hi! Im Rita, and im waiting for a maid suit."

Rita to Merdie and Mikeal

Rita is a charatcer in the Crystal Clear series. She works as a maid in the Crystal Castle with Merdie, Mikeal, Destinia, Lidia and Gerard.

Early LifeEdit

When Rita's father and brother died,





Sand Bending, Magic.


Rita's Mother, Rita's Father (deceased) The Maids


Der Sand, Desert Region


Bow and Arrows, Knife, Bending.

she was the head of her family of two, her mother and her baby sister, Luō Sī. She knew how to hunt with her bow and arrows, knife, and traditional bending. When she once learned bending of all types (like others), she wanted to get a job to raise her family. She went to Crystassio, and got a job in Crystal Castle.

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