Tina was the long-lost friend of Rita. She met Rita since she was a little girl. She wasn't part of the Tetrano's , but to the Mesand's, a nearby tribe from the east.

When Tina was a little girl, she was described as friendly, but at the same time tough and tomboyish. Rita idoled Tina for her brave and confident personality. She was raised in a tribe known as the Mesand's, a friendly and brave tribe from the eastern part of Crystassio. But then the Tetrano tribe was destroyed and Tina could'nt see Rita again for a total of 10 years. Tina is 17 and Rita is 15, so Tina was 7 and Rita 5.

Early LifeEdit

Tina's mother was killed by the invaders the time of the war. Tina was raised by her strict and strait father, Wen Jen Das, a chinese Mesand. She was taught to be patient and decent, but she kept her ways of life, tomboyish and tough. She was forced to go to war at ten years old.